What do you think when you think about Friday?

The Late Late Show? Not really. But then, Kodaline are on…. And the very first guest, a celebrity chef, says he’s in Ireland because he met his wife in the Conradh…

I’m watching this, trying not to fall asleep, trying to write, trying to remember what happened today.

The day started like no other day so far: I could see the sun rising over the horizon, there was a blue sky, and snow on the terrace glittering, reflecting the light. I had to go back to the Schön-Klinik to pick up some papers. I met some doctors: a young one who immediately asked how Pádraig was doing; a more senior one who was focussed on the paperwork; and some of his great therapists. It was a strange visit. This is where Pádraig staid for more than a year. Unbelievable.

In the afternoon, Maria arrived. Usually, he relaxes around lunch time. Today, he didn’t close an eye, trying to stay awake, not to miss the moment of her arrival. It was great for us all to see Maria again.

And now: we’ll rest trying to gather some strength for the days to come. Good night. Sleep sound and well.

And now: I think I’m dreaming or asleep. Jesus Christ Superstar with GoGo-Girls dressed in tiny red “dresses”. On the Late Late.