Last night, Pádraig decided to put us to the test.

His oxygen went down and the heart beat up.images

Over two hours, we tried what we could think of to slow down his heart and get the oxygen up. Eventually, we managed. We staid calm and Pádraig managed.

So today, we took it slowly, got up late, Pádraig staid in bed, no MOTOMed, no walk down to Tonndorf – we were just taking it easy. And it seemed to have had the effect we had been looking for. Tonight, we’re all a bit more relaxed, less on the edge. Pádraig’s heart beat and oxygen levels are almost back to normal.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think about myself that I’m a bit “schwer von Kapee“. Sometimes it takes me a while. To understand. That  I got a great teacher.

He taught me to be patient. He taught me to be grateful for the small things in life. He taught me that people have to come first always, and second and third, and only then the things we think we cannot live without. Caring for others. Realising that this doesn’t make us loose time, but that you become a happy, friendly, balanced person for it. Yes, change take time. But change is possible.

It was a happy day today. The family was almost complete. In one place. We had a sense of life. As it happens. Together.