Listening to the news realising it’s no use. It’s desperate: war, murders, “only” 400 people on trolleys.Today.

Still looking for someone to work 6 hours or more in Hamburg to help us looking after Pádraig.

There was this person on the news tonight who couldn’t leave hospital because there had not been any money to pay for his home care. Here, there is the money, but there aren’t any people to take it. What a crazy world.

What had I expected after yesterday? Days like that cannot be repeated.

Pádraig was exhausted and a bit “under the weather”. But I still feel this vibe, the relationship, the energy – all of this stuff that makes me impatient. I find it so hard to wait for all those exciting things that are going to happen. Can’t wait to drive Pádraig through Hamburg (and on to Alaska). For hm to visit and see his friends.

UnknownIt’s not going to happen tomorrow but I can see it on the horizon.

The days are getting longer, there’s spring in the air, there’s new light, new energy, new life.

And the wide open horizon is waiting for us.

In the meantime, my two and a half days of home alone are coming to an end in about half an hour. It was some experience. But I know we are better together:)