Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 20.19.13The night Pat rang me about Pádraig’s accident, I had just given an invited talk at a localisation event in China, using clips from a James Bond movie and Adele’s song Skyfall with the incredible lyrics “This is the end…”  Since that night, I cry when I hear that song and think of that day and that night. –  Today, it was not Skyfall. It was: The Spy who loved Me and Carly Simon’s “Nobody does it better – Baby you’re the best!” Red and Green Gummibärchen.

Because good days come when you least expect them.

Today was one of those. Right now, I think it was one of the best days of my life. But I don’t want to exaggerate.

Strange thing is that it was a really busy day, I didn’t do much of the work I was supposed to do (if you are working with me, please don’t tell anyone), and things I thought would have worked out didn’t work out.

For example, despite our best efforts, despite money being available to pay people, despite having talked to several providers – we have not managed to find someone who could look after Pádraig for about 6 hours a day, some days maybe a bit longer, Monday to Friday…. It’s incredible.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 20.20.05So today, I did what needed to be done. Following some help to get Pádraig up, I gave him breakfast, washed his hair, organised a hot towel shave with nice smelling after shave, gave him a warm food bath (it looked so good I wanted one myself), he had physio, and a session speech therapy – where Victoria, his really young and enthusiastic speech therapist, discovered that Pádraig could chew, and chew in the ‘right’ way (there’s is a wrong way would you believe), especially when she was giving him the red and the green Haribo Gummibärchen – the ones that taste best, according to Victoria.

I told her that Pádraig was lucky to have any Gummibärchen at all, because though I had bought them for him yesterday, I had got such a craving for them last night that I almost finished them – and I’m not choosey about the colour, I like them all!

After his rest, Pádraig and I went for a walk (accompanied by the boss of the service provider who has been trying to find us a helper), found the brochure and registration form for the train trip to Lourdes in May, got back up to the apartment, and got the MOTOMed Viva2 going. Pádraig went for a record distance today! After that he had a bit of dinner and ‘Mundpflege’ for which I was a poor substitute (Pat is the specialist for this one).

Back in bed, I took out the Arnika Oil and massaged his legs. I did the simple physio I’ve picked up over the past months and then sat down beside Pádraig listening with him to one of the gorgeous Irish music CDs his friends had sent to him.

I told him that we were going to go on road trips, that the sky was the limit, that I felt I was getting good at ‘Pflege’ and even liked it, that we were going to have a good, a happy life, that it was unbelievable to see him chewing Haribos Gummibärchen, making clicking sounds with his tongue, and tons of stuff more. He looked so happy and showed off the things he can do, like in a practice session.

It all became so crystal clear: we need help, but essentially we’ll be doing this ourselves for and with Pádraig. We’re going to have immense fun, tremendous satisfaction, terribly sad moments, hilarious laughters. We’re going to have An Saol!

Nobody does it better! – We’ll just need to keep our supplies of red and green Gummibärchen going.

[Just in case, if you know someone who would like to live in Hamburg for a while and work a few hours in the morning looking after Pádraig, say 7 to 13 hours for a few months, let us know.]