So we decided to try it out on our own tonight.

24-hour care ain’t easy on anyone: the carer, us, and Pádraig. We’re about to have our first night on our own in our own apartment. This is as good as it gets, for the time being.

But, of course, we’re much more ambitious than this. This is just the first step.

A few really outstanding things happened today: The first was when I was moving Pádraig’s arm up and down and all of a sudden felt that he was helping me, almost doing it on his own. The physio yesterday had mentioned that he had felt something in Pádraig’s arm – looks like Pádraig is getting ready to un-employ the physio any day soon!

IMG_0161Then, the doctor, his new doctor, arrived to take out Pádraig’s stitches. What a day! Where once was the tracheostomy, where once nurse and us introduced a plastic tube to suction out phlegm, sometimes several times a day, there’s nothing left but a red spot that will, no doubt, soon heal into a small scare.

When we got talking to the doctor, it turned out that he had heard about Pádraig weeks, months ago. About this young man who was trying harder than anyone else to get better. Fighting, struggling, dreaming, winning, believing. It floated like a dream!

And now. We’re on our own. I feel like staying up all night. Having spaghetti at 2am – whoever was on the Tecla’s blue watch will know what I’m talking about! Think excitement. Big time.

Stitches. Out. Home. Alone. Bravo!