imagesStill trying to bring the rest of our stuff from the old apartment to the new one, unpacking boxes, assembling furniture.

In the meantime, we are getting to know some of the carers and therapists that will be looking after Pádraig. We also got a visit from a nurse in the UKE Hospital to see whether she could be of any help. She came over at around midday, having worked during the previous night. Hut ab!

All this is so new and different that we will all take some time to getting used to the new situation. The new apartment has been packed over the last few days with people coming and going, to a point where we were all looking forward to some peace and quiet, to some time for ourselves.

We decided to be care(r)-free on Friday and Saturday night. To find time for ourselves with Pádraig. 24 hour care ain’t easy, we discovered. Still looking for a new routine.

It must have been tremendous for Pádraig to get out of the hospital environment, to be in a new place, to be surrounded by so many new people. It has been pretty stressful for us, for him it must have been very disorientating. All this needs to settle down to allow us to settle down, so that we can help Pádraig to continue on his road to discovery.