Boxes, wires, lights, shelves… you have it. The apartment still looks a bit ‘wild’, but it’s getting more organised. We’ll finish that tomorrow!

IMG_0178Today, I went to a DIY Store. When I saw I sign saying: Hier kostenlos tanken, (Refuel here free of charge) I got all excited! Until I had to learn a new German word: Fahrrad-Stromtankstelle. That was a bit disappointing in one way, in another way it was incredibly strange. Imagine: your own bicycle electricity refuelling station. Where will it all end, I ask you?

One thing is for certain: there ain’t nothing stopping Pádraig getting back into the swing of it. He’s getting out of the bed again at least once a day.

Guess what we did today? We went out for a short walk in the snow! Could you think of anything nicer?