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UnknownDays are different. Some are good, some are bad. Some are sunny, some are rainy. Some are busy, some are relaxed. Some are exciting, some are boring. (All are dangerous.)

Today I had a good, sunny, busy, and exciting day.

One of Pádraig’s friends who is here to visit was happy to give us a hand to move our stuff from the old apartment to the new apartment, while the other friend also on visit stayed with Pádraig and read out stories for him. At the end, we were running through Terminal 1 in Hamburg Airport to find the Aer Lingus check-in desk, just 5 minutes before closing time. We had not planned it that way, but we are so grateful they were here and were so kind to offer their help!

imagesWhen we arrived in Hamburg 14 months ago we had a bag each. Today, our stuff just about fitted into this van we had rented for the move. It brought back memories of IKEA flat packs (Lebst Du schon oder schraubst Du noch?) in the tiny Picanto and hours of trying to make millions of screws, dowels, and pieces of wood fit together.

“Noch dreimal Schlafen” my mother would have told me when I was small (the older you get the better your memory of the time you were young becomes).

Noch dreimal Schlafen and live will take another big turn. For Pádraig.

It will be a good, sunny, busy, and exciting day. For Pádraig and for all of us.

(I’m sitting beside Pádraig, with Pat on the other side of the bed, the window is wide open, and we’re relaxing and listening to the beautiful CD his friends brought for Pádraig, “Paper Clips”.)