Leo Varadkar is on Prime Time trying to explain the waiting lists in the Irish health system. In my mind, he has the most impossible job anyone could have: Irish Minister of Health – in a Government that is planning the next tax reduction in preparation for the next election. What a relieve when the battery of the laptop died and with it the connection with Prime Time.

Today, a lot of Pádraig’s stuff arrived in the new apartment. Tomorrow one of Padraigs friends, currently on a visit to see him, will keep him company and look after him, while the other friend will help me and Pat to mover our stuff from Dulsberg to Tonndorf.

The big news today is that he told a visiting chaplain that he is more of a Bell X1 fan than a U2 fan, by moving his tongue!

Pádraig’s therapy and treatment will continue when he’ll be with us. For us, it will be a great learning experience while receiving maximum support from carers, nurses, therapists, and doctors!

Going to sleep now to be ready for the big move tomorrow!