We got up at 6:15 this morning and at 6:30 our first lesson started with a specially trained nurse who trains family members who are planning to look after their family members. An hour and a half later, she gave as a 2+, which was a bit disappointing – I had aimed at a 1. But she was adamant that we could still learn and still do better.

Imagine that, a double one-to-one special nursing care training session at 6:30 in the morning. To be continued tomorrow at noon.

Today, we learned that Pádraig will not have to go back to the Schön-Klinik but that he will be discharged from here, the UKE, this coming Monday. Great news. It’ll save him and us another transfer, one for just a few days.

He is slowly recovering from the operation, starting to eat a bit again, a bit tired, but getting used to life without tracheostomy!

Above all, he is enjoying the visitor, two really nice friends from Dublin who are updating him on the latest news from Dublin. It was obvious from his face that he liked to hear all the news and all the gossip of was not just having fun

UnknownI’ll be in the new apartment tomorrow at 8 to take in the delivery of Pádraig’s ‘stuff’. It’ll be the beginning of our move into the new place where we will learn how to look after Pádraig with a lot of help, we hope, and where Pádraig will recover and get stronger, so that, eventually, he will not have to be close to these very specialised hospitals.

We still need to take this trip on the Dreamboat. We still need to go to Alaska.