DailyHave you ever tried to write something about your life and the life of someone close to you every day? I’d never done anything like this before. When I started, I thought I’d do it for a few weeks, for a number of months max. until Pádraig would be better. Maybe not exactly like before the accident, but communicating with us and taken back at least some level of control over his life.

I would never have anticipated how long I’d be doing this. More than a year and a half.

You would probably never have anticipated that you’d still be going to the hospi-tales after so many months either.

I was going to ask when and where it’ll all end. I won’t. The day will come and when it’s there we’ll all know.

For the time being, I’ll keep writing. Into the New Year. Pádraig will make progress. Step by step. Bit by bit. And the hospi-tales will be coming out. Every night.

Today, I brought in the haircutter. Remember the haircutter? The one that you can use for designer haircuts at the back of somebody’s head. I resisted the temptation and, what is more surprising than that, there weren’t any mishaps either. We also washed Pádraig’s hair, something we should do more often, not just because he’s obviously worth it:), but also because we really need more practice to get through this a bit smoother. Because when we were finished the place was in a slight mess, none of it my fault, of course:), but we managed to get it all organised and back to ‘normal’ in no time.

So back to the New Year resolutions… have you got any?

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Andreas Bourani, Auf anderen Wegen
Du schlägst Wurzeln, ich muss fliegen
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