No. Not Stallone. But Sylvester I.

He was the bishop of Rome up to 335, when he died.  One of the big things he did was to baptise Emperor Constantin the Great. In Germany though, he is not know for this and other great things he did in his time, but because ‘his’ day is the 31st of December. It’s Sylvester today, the last day of the year.

When I went to the supermarket this morning, a whole section looked like as if the Germans were getting ready for the next big war:

60 Schuss (shots), rockets by the dozen, 8 times canon fire, China bangers, 19 shot platoon, 25 shots – just fire once… and this is just a selection.

Last year, we were watching the fireworks from the window of a room in the ICU of the UKE. 6 months after the accident, Pádraig was again right on the edge.

Tonight, he had something to eat (very finely minced), and a drink of water. He was exercising on the viva la MOTOMed, sitting in his wheelchair while a ridiculous programme on Eurosport about the ‘best’ mishaps of 2014 was playing in the background. We were out on the roof garden, watching some early fireworks that were going off in the distance.

Next week, on Wednesday, Pádraig has another appointment in the UKE, this time in the ENT Polyclinic’s outpatient’s department to see whether they can remove his tracheostomy. If they think they can, he’ll get another appointment to come in for a few days. Fingers crossed.

Since this is the last day of the year, I want to thank you all for what you have done  to support Pádraig over the year. Without all the crazy (and the ‘regular’:) stuff you did, we would all have given up and packed it in. We didn’t and we won’t. Dreamboaters.

Thank you.