imagesIt kind of happens every winter, around Christmas and the New Year. It’s this headache, maldito.

Does this happen to you?

First there is the ‘Endspurt’, the last mile, to get everything out of the way and done that needs to get done. Then there is a bit of panic preparing for the big days. Then I slow down, finally – which is the time when I always plan to get ready for the next year. But almost every year, when I slow down, my body decides that this is the time to call in all the favours of the past year.

It kind of withdraws support and goes into maintenance. Which is when the headache starts. And which is when I should be staying in bed for a few days.

Then I blink and guess what? The New Year is there. The ‘quiet’ time is over. Mayhem starts again. To a level where I don’t even notice the headache anymore.

Unknown1The hospital is quiet these days. Not much happening.

Today was another first: the first day, Pádraig got ‘solid’ food three times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Minced and pureed, totally and completely soft, but he ate it, the way food should be eaten through the mouth. If he keeps this going, we’ll ask to reduce the liquid food he’s getting through the PEG, and reduce it again, and again…. until there won’t be anything to be reduced.

Today’s German Music Tip
Clueso, Stadtrandlichter
Ich fahr heimwärts, jetzt dauerts nicht mehr lang.
What’s hot
What’s cold
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Das is’n alter Hase! (Never realised how funny the expression ‘alter Hase’ is until someone here used it the other day.)