I was looking through pictures I took since the end of June of last year. There are hundreds of them. One of them would have been enough. One of those roller coaster rides would have been enough.

The fact that we are in Germany and Pádraig is getting the care he is getting is a privilege. But it is a scandal, too. He is separated from his friends and his sisters and family.

When we listen to Irish radio and television these days, we hear about so many people coming home for Christmas. One of the songs that’s always aired is ‘Driving home for Christmas’.

Pádraig is keeping well these days. Slow and steady progress with eating and the capped tracheostomy tube. A few hours in the wheel chair, a short few stroll in the wheelchair on the roof terrace.

There is a lonely plastic tree on the ward.

It almost looks like another one of those hundreds of pictures I should never have taken, when one of them would have been plenty. More than enough for a lifetime.