Think about it: what do the Dreamboat and today have in common?B2kmKV6CIAAxc1y

Last night we didn’t manage to get into Lütt Mattens in Garding. It was Christmas Song night and it turned out to be so popular that by the time we arrived, it was so packed that there was no way to get in and sit down. Last night was also an extremely stormy and rainy night and we thought that there was no way that, today, we could go for our early morning walk on the beach of the North Sea.

IMG_9812This morning, though, was very different. It was one of the most beautiful Sunday mornings we have seen here during the autumn/winter months. The sun was rising, the sky was blue, the sea roared because of last night’s storm, but the wind had quietened down, and it was just gorgeous.

The point? Probably no need to explain…

Pádraig was keeping well. There is a whole lot of things that he is not able to do, like walking, controlling his body, or walking, giving out, arguing, going out, debating. But he understands what we are telling him. He can eat. He can drink in sips. He can communicate with us, saying yes and no to things, using his tongue. He can, sometimes, lift his arm. He can squeeze our hands. He can hang on to my hand when I left it up. He can let go. He can breathe. He can cough.

We were devastated. Then we were full of hope. Now we are living a new life. An Saol. With you, with his friends, never on our own.

At 23:03 (GMT) today, this year’s winter solstice will take place. From now on, we’ll have longer, brighter days. Good for sailing. Down the stream. On the Dreamboat!


Today’s German Music Tip
Chakuza, Dieser eine Song 
What’s hot
The gorgeous morning after a dark night
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Dark nights
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Du alten Dussel!