Maria and I went down South. It sounds like a trip to the Rio Grande and the border to imagesMexico. In a way it was. After all, everything south of the river Elbe is foreign territory – at least that is what the people living north of the river say.

We left Hamburg towards the end of the day. Pádraig was in his wheelchair when we left and had eaten a full ‘Gläschen’ in record time: 45 minutes. He was managing ok on the capped tube, breathing in and out through his mouth. All of us were happy that he was doing ok. Doing ok. Was hat die Zeit mit uns gemacht?

I am staying with a really good friend tonight, one of the real ‘old’ ones, the night before Christmas Eve. I had planned to do this for the best part of the past year, and it never worked out. To be honest, I could have stayed up for the rest of the night to talk, about anything, no desire to sleep (sleep is over-rated anyways), no desire for it to end. We have known each other for a long long time. And the welcome, meeting his family, talking the night away, was just great. Was hat die Zeit mit uns gemacht?

Today’s German Music Tip
Udo Lindenberg, Was hat die Zeit mit uns gemacht? – Der Winter kommt, der erste Schnee der kommt…
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Nu komm endlich ma zu Potte!