UnknownSaturday. The last weekend before Christmas. This time last year, we had just moved in to the apartment close to the hospital. Smoke alarm testers arriving just after 7am; a ring at the door by the man from the Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft who had just passed by the house and had noted condensation on the window; building work going on in the apartment next door starting at 7am and never ending.

All this seems to be so far away.

In a month, we’ll be moving again. This time not into a ground floor apartment, but into the one on top of a newly built house – with a nice roof terrace of our own and, what’s even better, with a lift Pádraig will be able to use to go out for a walk, onto the street with other people, old and young, dogs, cars, traffic, noise – life.

Unknown1Pádraig has been using the ‘cap’ every day for more than four, almost five hours. If he can manage that for some time and manages ok, we hope that it’ll be easier to remove the tracheostomy at some stage. We also went out onto the roof terrace. It’s a long walk pushing Pádraig down the corridor in his wheelchair, picking up the key at the nurses’ desk on the way, and out into the cold, quite dark, and windy Hamburg afternoons, afternoons that look and feel like nights. It’s great that Pádraig manages to sit in the wheelchair for many hours every day without any bother. Sitting out and moving around a bit must be so much better than lying in bed. It’s not just better for circulation, it must also bring some diversion to these long days in his room.

Today’s German Music Tip
Clueso, Du bleibst (Did I post this ‘tip’ before? I hope I didn’t:)
   Du willst mehr von der Welt seh’n, leb’ deinen Traum. 
What’s hot
What’s cold
Being stuck anywhere
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Jez höa mia abba ma gut zu, mein Freund!