‘Tea’ is not ‘tea’.

It took me years to understand that.

So when Pádraig was having ‘tea’, he was not actually having ‘tea’ but what I would call ‘Abendessen’.

FullSizeRenderWe had ordered it and it promptly arrived for 6pm. I had never seen anything like it before. The nurse who brought it in said it was Vollkornbrot. Before I passed it on to Pádraig, I decided to taste it because it certainly did not look like anything near bread. Amazingly, it tasted exactly like bread although the texture was utterly different.

So, Pádraig had bread, and I added it to the long and longer becoming list of ‘firsts’!

IMG_9800We re-discovered Santa’s boot that someone sent to Pádraig last year. – Can you help us to find the person who sent it to him? Here’s a picture of it!

Today, Pádraig almost had two hours of music therapy. In the first hour, we sang German, English, and Irish Christmas songs. “Everybody can sing, but not everybody can not sing”, said the music therapist for encouragement. The second hour almost happened but we were on our way to the roof terrace, all rapped up, when the music therapist arrived and we decided that it would be too complicated to get back into Pádraig’s room and take off all the heavy clothing…

Today’s German Music Tip
Udo Lindenberg, Stark wie ZweiDie rufen gleich an und sagen es war doch nicht wahr…
What’s hot
What’s cold
Tea 🙂
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser. – Attributed to Lenin who apparently never said this – but something quite similar: “Nicht aufs Wort glauben, aufs strengste prüfen – das ist die Losung der marxistischen Arbeiter.” (Werke, Band 20. Dietz-Verlag Berlin 1971, S. 358)