You know, sometimes someone asks me ‘what did you write about last night?’ The truth is, in most cases, that I don’t remember. I don’t think it’s old age, but can’t exactly say why it is that almost the moment I finish writing this, it’s gone, disappeared from my memory. It’s like a half dream (remember the early morning half dream?), but a late night half dream. They are even more difficult to hang on to and to remember.

A few things happened today. We got the papers ready to register An Saol as a nonprofit charity. With a bit of luck, the paperwork should be filed with the CRO this Friday. Didn’t hear about the apartment yet.

On the corridor today, Pádraig’s doctor told me that he will be transferred tomorrow week to the UKE and be operated on Thursday. It’s good to have a bit of notice. It’s also good to get this done before December. Hopefully, this will be his last big operation, and the New Year will truly be a year of new beginnings.

Just thought about the idea of ‘good news’. Although sometimes I wonder whether the world isn’t just one big disaster with seriously limited people on the helm – by how many trillion did the G20 announce will they grow the world economy, already functioning mostly on loans and borrowing? – I have realised that every day, there are good news all around us. It’s the stuff that those songs are all about, trying to give you hope, trying to keep you upbeat, trying to make you see the ordinary things every day that are so incredibly beautiful: nature, the sun and the moon, and, first and foremost, people.

And it does not matter whether they are healthy or whether they are sick. Whether they are independent or wether they need our help.