IMG_9539Shopping at Lidl is always an adventure. Some of the stuff is to similar to what they say in Ireland. Some of the stuff is really different – like the “Irländer”!

We listen to the early RTÉ morning radio, then Morning Ireland, and the news most mornings. This morning I thought that there was one murder, one raid, one bomb disposal after the other. The German news are really tame in comparison. As if nothing really news-worthy was happening. What the Irish news are missing in ‘good’ stories, the Germans are missing in ‘interesting’ stories.

We had hoped to have heard about the apartment by now. We had hoped to have heard about the move to the UKE for the operation by now. Neither of it did happen. We’ll have to be patient.

Pádraig has been really alert and awake over the past days, including today. He is getting really stable again now, and will have plenty of time to demonstrate to everybody how he is getting not just stable, but better.

Wednesday, 03 December is the official launch of the Dreamboat, the Amhrán do Phadráig, in Dublin, in The Grand Social. Be there!