imagesKeep winding the clock. For tomorrow will be another day.

The day that is just about to finish has been good. Pat, Maria, and I were in the room with Pádraig, chatting away, having our talks, annoying each other, being normal, with Pádraig in the middle of it all.

This morning, I rang my ‘Genossen’ and while they couldn’t give me a definite answer, they were hopeful that this coming Tuesday they will be able to tell me whether we got the bigger apartment we applied for. For the time being, things look good.

This afternoon, we had another visit from the man in charge of the carers’ service who will most likely help us to look after Pádraig on a 24 hour a day basis once Pádraig leaves the hospital, probably early in the coming year.

Things are moving ahead nicely. By this coming Tuesday, we should have a good idea whether we will get this other appartment

There has been an interesting story reported in on how the ‘system’ in Ireland caters for people with Acquired Brain Injury. It’s yet another story of pure tragedy. Check it out!