Pádraig had a double physio session today with a qualified Vojta therapist. At the end, the therapist was at least as exhausted as Pádraig. I went up early to the hospital to help (as much as I could) but mostly to watch.


Not Pádraig and not the Schön-Klinik but a group of therapists during a Vojta workshop.

It is amazing how it works. He puts Pádraig on his chest with the right arm and the left foot up. He stimulates the foot and the arm begins to move. There is a point in his back that he presses and Pádraig begins to move his body.

I asked the therapist whether he himself had been at the receiving end of that kind of therapy and he said they practice on each other during tutoring sessions. He says that he jumps straight up into the air as those pressure points stimulates muscles you didn’t even knew that you had them. And that he gets ‘Muskelkater’ for days afterwards. But any back pain he might have had would completely disappear.

So Pádraig must be put under some pressure during those hour-long sessions. And what makes other people jump, gets him moving just about, just a little. But it gets him moving, makes him aware that he can move his arms, his legs, his body.

Later on today, we went out onto the roof terrace. It was ‘fresh’ but nice to be outside, breathe the air, listen to the trains in the distance (not too many today, the Deutsche Bahn is on strike, again;), hear dogs bark, feel the wind in your hair.

He had a nice vegetable-based (!) vanilla  yoghurt. Then a good old friend rang, we did the ‘Mundpflege’, the nurse positioned him nicely on his side, his heart went down to under 60 (not seen often!) and his oxygen levels better than mine.

Physically, he is getting better and stronger.

He just needs to improve a bit on his communication. And more of this Vojta stuff!