And I let out that shout again.

Pádraig did the usual routine today: getting up into the wheelchair, out onto the roof ‘garden’, a bit of food (yoghurt), the ‘ride on the bike’. He is getting less of this medicine that is supposed to lower the risk of seizures and I think he is slowly getting back to where he was before the doctors started trying out all the different types of medication.

Yesterday, the two people in charge to organise his care at home visited and we had a long conversation about how that will be organised. The preparations are getting into gear.

I let a shout out of me as did everyone there.

A friend sent me a link to a story reported in the about a boy who suffered an acquired brain injury in an accident. He recovered, it seems, to a degree where he was able to tell his story in the Oireachtas Committee for Health. It reads like a Dejà vu of Pádraig’s experience with a distinct lack of resources, care, and therapy – to put it mildly. When is this going to blow into the faces of people who can affect change? How can a government be allowed to ignore its citizens when they most need to be supported by it? – One teenager’s ‘terrifying journey’ through Ireland’s health system after brain injury.

A few days ago, on 02 November 2014, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, towards the end of his blog, wrote about Amhrán do Phádraig and especially the wonderful poem Marcus Mac Chongail wrote about Pádraig. For those (of us) who wouldn’t be able to follow the Irish, here is the translation provided by a fried which I first posted on 25 April 2013.


I have never met you
But for 9 months (ráithe= 3 months =quarter, trí ráithe=9 months I think!) now
The long silence that is coming from you
Is being filled by people who don’t stop talking about you

Kíla- playing music for you
As you were laid down in Beaumont Hospital
A chirp(?) or two from the toilet of a train (I can’t remember what exactly the story was with Aodhán except that is was very funny!)
From a friend without a ticket who is on his way to see you

Tonncheol (not sure what this means, something to do with music, maybe melody) and harmony (literally “together-music”) from the men’s choir
Singing a healing health to you from the Workman’s
Daily letters from your father’s limbo
Sieving the words, wanting to feel (understand) it all

Seosamh from the club just back from Hamburg
After seeing you
Describing it with his mouth (words)
But his eyes looking (seeking) for a different story

And the 50 brave Spartans
Who traveled in a line from coast to coast
And who swam deep into the spring sea
And your name was on everyone’s lips – your name

I went out to the finishing point of your swim
And I let a yell (shout) out of me as did everyone there
And I let out that shout again on paper for you,
That you, Pádraig, will return home safe and well.

Marcus Mac Chongail

RTÉ had a long report about Pádraig and the support he receives by his friends just two days ago, on 06 November. Rónán, another wonderful person, spent the best part of half an hour on his programme Rónán Beo@3 playing songs and poetry from the Amhrán do Phádraig, the album Pádraig’s friends put together during the summer, starting off with the Dreamboat – and then just went on and recorded a whole collection of wonderful music, songs, and poetry, for Pádraig.

Even if you (like myself;) are not that fluent in Irish, to put it mildly, you should still check it out. You’ll recognise some names and, of course, you’ll hear extracts from this wonderful album. People who say that Spanish is the Loving Tongue, like our friend Bob,  must never have heard Irish.

The show kicks off with Conamara (00:00:23 to 00:03:50); it continues with the interview with Maitíu (00:10:00), with Dreamboat playing in the background from 00:15:50; Ní Bheidh Tú Riamh leat Fhéin (You will never be on your own) starts at 00:26:00; Marcus reads out his poem starting at 00:28:55.

I must tell you, and I don’t want to sound too pathetic here (I’m sure I often do), but I am crying my eyes out listening to Rónán’s programme, to the songs, the poem, to Maitíu’s account. Reading Marcus’ poem.

How lucky Pádraig is to have such friends. They are the stuff of pure legend!

And he, Pádraig, will return home safe and well. Go bhfille tú abhaile slán, a Phádraig.

Click here to go to the Amhrán do Phádraig website

The definite Christmas No 1!

The ideal present for all your friends and family!

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 13.20.44Extracts from the Amhrán do Phádraig album, put together by 50 of Pádraig’s friends during the summer were played for the first time live on national radio on 06 November 2014. Listen to the beautiful interview with Maitíu O’Casaide of the Bonnymen by Rónán Beo@3 on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta playing live on air extracts from the album, including Conamara, opening the programme, by Claire Hyland and Aisling Ní Laoire),  the title track Dreamboat, in the background during the interview with Maitíu, by the Dreamboaters; the poem Pádraig (by Marcus Mac Conghail); and Ní Bheidh Tú Riamh leat Fhéin (You will never be on your own), by Lauren Ní Chasaide and Fiona Pain.

Click here to go to the Amhrán do Phádraig website