This is Easter and what better time for a new beginning and hope for the future.

There really isn’t a more powerful story I know than that of Jesus going through the most difficult time imaginable and coming out at the other end, giving others hope and strength and a ‘mission’ in life to help others.

Sometimes, I think my life gets lost in details and the big picture gets too little attention. The big picture being, more or less, what my New Year’s resolutions are all about: spending more time with friends and family, healthier lifestyle, being kinder to others. (These resolutions are so good, I never change them.)

I get upset about my life not being organised enough, about things not happening as I think they should, other people (oh, other people!) just not getting it.

And then I have (rare:) moments of clarity. When I think that the world and the people living in it will never be the way they ‘should be’. And that this is a good thing. That the only thing I can do is my best. Not more. But also not less – and that includes being ‘cool’ with whatever is on today. Not getting upset or irritated, not becoming hopeless, not to despair. Recognise and acknowledge reality with all its challenges (had considered to use another word here:) and move on to the Big Picture.

In the time before his accident, Pádraig’s, let’s call it ‘disposition’, had moved on from that of a typical teenager (and many adults) with a pretty low level of tolerance to that of the coolest person I’ve come across in my life. Someone very close to him explained that change to me: It happened because he was happy.

Now, there aren’t many people I know with a more challenging life than his – and there isn’t any other person I know who is ‘cooler’ about his life than he is. Happy, even when life gets tougher than it should. I guess, Pádraig is my Easter, full of hope, generosity and love.

Literally, the Big Picture.

Last night, people lit up lights all around the country and Sinead O’Connor sang a beautiful version of ‘Run’ from Snow Patrol. Light up, light up. As if you have a choice.

PS: Next on Youtube was Sinead’s version of Nothing Compares to You. Couldn’t get much better…Light up. Because you have a choice:)