“The goal falls short of the reach” – Do we achieve more than what we aimed for?

It’s Palm Sunday today but also, as a friend reminded me, Passover, the Jewish Thanksgiving, when God told the Jews to stay in their homes while he sent a plague to wipe out the Egyptians

We have been staying at home. Kind of a prolonged Passover, hoping the plague will disappear eventually.

I think Pádraig is a bit bored. Nothing new you might say, if you’ve known him for some time. He had got used to a busy day, An Saol in the morning, Hyperbaric in the afternoon, visitors and visits.

We are still around and we hear and see a bit of neighbours and family, even from a distance. I suppose it could be worse. It can always be, as we have learned.

He is doing a new-ish exercise on the ground, pushing his right leg, the one he has the problem with, up and down an incline.

The idea is to push his right leg a bit out to the right so that his femur stays in the hip while he is exercising his muscles which will, once they get strong enough again, hold his leg in his hip. Great idea by the physio who has been working with him for years.

Since Pádraig started to have his hip problem, it became harder for him to cycle his MotoMed. He then got a new manual wheelchair which positions him just a bit differently in front of the MotoMed. And that small change made it even more difficult for him to cycle. But check out what he did during the week:

More balance of power between his two legs, more speed and more power than ever before. It’s moments like this that make me really happy. And him even more.

What does it make me feel like? –

Being endlessly bombarded with the number of deaths, the number of infected, the number of coffins, the number of stranded travellers, the number of harbourless cruise liners, the number of…

With nonstop warnings that I am not allowed to –

exercise outside for too long, be too close to others, visit others, get away from home for more than 2km, attend the dying, or their funerals….

That I should

wear gloves and a face masks, take every person as an infected threat to my health…

Leonard Cohen – The Goal

I can’t leave my house
Or answer the phone
I’m going down again
But I’m not alone
Settling at last
Accounts of the soul
This for the trash
That paid in full
As for the fall, it
Began long ago
Can’t stop the rain
Can’t stop the snow
I sit in my chair
I look at the street
The neighbor returns
My smile of defeat
I move with the leaves
I shine with the chrome
I’m almost alive
I’m almost at home
No one to follow
And nothing to teach
Except that the goal
Falls short of the reach

Some of what I found in the news…

02 April 2020
BREAKING: COVID-19 death toll in Ireland rises to 98
Of the 13 that have died today, 9 are male while 4 are female, with a median age of 91.

Central Statistics Office (accessed 04 April 2020)
In the period 2010-2012, life expectancy at birth was 78.4 years for males and 82.8 years for females.

Journalists are helping to create a dangerous consensus
(Declan Lawn, Irish Times, 16.11.16)
We are getting ever worse at going against the dominant consensus. Fewer and fewer of us are anti-authoritarian enough and difficult enough to go with our gut and challenge the narrative. These days journalists are not rewarded for being difficult. A culture does not exist in which a journalist can render an alternative narrative without being dismissed as a loonie leftie or alt-right conspiracy theorist.