Just watched a completely pointless movie on Netflix. Close to 100 minutes of the New Year down the drain. But then, not everything needs an apparent purpose. In fact, at times it’s the stuff that doesn’t seem to have an apparent purpose that turns out to be the most valuable.

Here I am trying to write down something worth noting. Whether I did watch a movie or not, and whether it was a movie worth watching, and whether or not it’s stuff that seems to have an apparent purpose eventually turns out to have a deeper than just the ‘apparent’ purpose…. who cares.

What about Pádraig’s day? My day?

Busy: with PA’s and his physio back in action, and a relaxing massage by a very kind and friendly neighbour. Great food. A nap. A walk in the park. Nearly an hour on the MOTOMed. At the end of one of these days, we’re all pretty exhausted. A day that starts before 6am, doesn’t finish in the evening but continues through the night, though much more relaxed.

Anything noteworthy? Not really. A bit like that movie I watched.