Tuesday is swimming day. Not today. On the way back from a meeting, I got stuck in Christmas traffic and by the time I made it home there was no point in going. It was too late. Three people had been waiting for me. Pádraig was ready to go. I should have left that meeting earlier or, even better, I should not have organised it at all. We’ll be going tomorrow.

There is no generosity, there is no “Mitgefühl”, no compassion or sympathy, when you leave someone waiting. It was up to me to make this work. Everybody else was ready. I just had to show up at the right time. How easy can it get?

What I am doing is complicated, or, maybe, I’m just making it complicated. I want to make many things happen all at the same time. Too many perhaps.

In my mind it’s the Gordic Knot syndrome that is complicating stuff. It’s waiting to be cut.