Pádraig went out for a brilliant Christmas lunch time break to the Omni, one of Ireland’s first big shopping centres, so old that it had to undergo a very substantial refurbishment not too long ago and is now back to what it was when it opened, about three decades ago – only twice the size.

It was the first time that he had ever been out with someone for lunch. He was in good hands, with two of his professional team who had come up with the idea and had selected the venue. It was a perfect two hours for him, not only because Pádraig got completely pampered but also because he must have felt so happy (and probably relieved) to experience that he doesn’t need us to be with him all the time and that he can have a life outside the home and without us.

That is a big first and a big step towards independence. (A big thank you to “Santa’s Helpers” who made this possible.)