This coming Saturday, the An Saol Café will be back for a Christmas get together and an update on the An Saol Project. It’ll happen in the usual place, Odin’s Wood, the HSE Day Centre in Finglas. If you have time to join us, please come along, bring some seasonal (or any other:) biscuits or cakes or sweets and we’ll supply the coffee/tea and a bit of festive spirit.

Tuesday is swimming day. It’s supposed to be really relaxing, but the drivers of the adjoining school’s wheelchair busses manage to wind me up every Tuesday by telling me that we cannot park in the wheelchair and bus parking lots. They just don’t see that it’s as important for Pádraig to get into the pool as it is for the CRC kids to get out of the school and back home. I struggle to stay calm and relaxed and just continue doing what we’re doing. There are occasions where people will not agree for whatever reason. The good thing is that all this hassle disappears when we are in the water and Pádraig is doing his magic. The lesson: take it easy and breathe in, breathe out. And smile.