We were worried. Pádraig is sliding down and slouching in his chair to a point where he almost slides out of his chair altogether. He stretches out his legs and lifts up his pelvis and off he goes.

Today, I discovered that there is, most likely and most of the time, nothing to worry about. He has just discovered that he can use his new found abilities to move to his advantage when he would, otherwise, just sit in his chair for hours, stationary.

How do I know?

Because today he showed me that he cannot just slide down in his chair. He can also slide up.


Isn’t that amazing? There is nothing to worry about. Pádraig is just discovering all the new stuff he can do and applies them to where he sees fit. Doesn’t always make sense to me, at least not at first sight, doesn’t always make life easier for me, e.g. when we’re out somewhere and he decides to ‘move’ himself in the chair, with my heart rapidly moving up my throat for fear that he might slide out of his chair, but this is him discovering and applying his abilities. For good reason. After all, who on earth could ‘stand’ sitting in a chair for long periods without any movement. It would drive me and you bananas and neither me nor you would probably able to ‘sit it out’. And nor does Pádraig.

Only that now, he has the option to move. And slide.