Now, that, after last night, we know that Pádraig can make it into an club, and equally importantly, back out again, Pádraig might go more often. We’ll just have to make sure that the great team of half a dozen+ friends who help out last night will again be able to give him a hand, to get down, and then up the stairs to this most incredible venue right bang in the heart of Dublin’s most extraordinary nightlife on Harcourt Street.

This morning was the first time I remember, that Pádraig slept it out until the very late morning, The way you would if you had been out the previous night until the early hours.

Tonight, we went to the Our Lady of Dolours church in Dolphin’s Barn for Seosamh’s month’s mind mass (it really was a ‘two’-month’s mind mass). On Sundays, they celebrate mass with their parish priest in the Taizé tradition. There was virtually no light in the church, just dozens of candles. There was a tranquility and sombreness I have rarely experienced. The way mass was conducted, the 4-person ‘choir’ with ukulele singing in at least four different languages, how people participated, how the priest included the congregation and how he spoke to us – it was a mass like no other and no surprise that this was the place Seosamh went to. (If you are from Dublin, or know how some people here speak, you’ll appreciate the reference the priest made to ‘denial, or: d’Nile, which, he said is not just a river running through Egypt.)

A real sense of loss is emerging – no more texts saying ‘I’m on the bus’, no more food (from cup cakes to paella) Pádraig had to try – although we feared he wouldn’t be able to deal with it, when he always was, of course. Seosamh will always be with us in spirit and with him, Pádraig will have another guardian angel looking out for him. But Seosamh had encountered and created a role for himself in Pádraig’s life which, given the circumstances, was a brilliant achievement, one we all, at times, struggle with, and one which is probably more difficult for Pádraig’s friends then for his family. That role is empty now.