In a little bit less than a month’s time, I’ve been writing this blog for five years. Every day. For many different reasons.

I’ve been hardly out of bed today so I had a bit of time to think and feel without the pressure to do something or the other.

At the beginning there was the disbelief, none of what I was hearing could be true and I would wake up one day and it had all been a bad dream. In fact, there were days when I woke up and thought that this is what had happened.

Then there was the urge to do something and the belief that if only the right thing was done all would change. Dramatically.

There was the outrage when we were told that Pádraig’s “pathway” was to lead him into a nursing home, on a minimum maintenance programme.

There was drama and heartbreak and almost unbearable intensity of life.

There was progress that no-one expected.

There is progress, a joy of life, an incredible bond and sense of purpose in life.


What else could I share here?