An Irish friend told me a story about sharing and making choices.

When they were kids and had to share some really nice food or sweets, and one of them complained to their father that the other had taken the bigger piece, he asked them: “And which piece would you have taken?” – They always answered: “I would have taken the smaller piece, of course!” – He looked quietly at them and said with a slight grin:”Well, then you’ve got exactly what you wanted, didn’t you?”

There are a least two twists in this story and a dozen layers of complexity. Tons of things to think about.

In Germany, the way we did it was that one person divided the portions and the other one had first choice. First choice in Germany naturally meant that you were getting the largest piece, so it was in the other person’s best interest to divide the portions equally because otherwise they would loose out. The idea of taking the smaller portion would not have crossed anybody’s mind.

Not really much complexity. Pretty much straight forward.

Pádraig went to visit his friend in the hospice. It was a tough visit but at the same time   one the reassured him that his friends is not in pain and seemed to be relaxed. In the afternoon he went to a walk in what must have been to warmest day ever at the end of September.

I’m getting ready to get up at 5am to catch a flight to Dusseldorf where I will meet potential suppliers for An Saol, and were I have been invited a talk about the Journey into a New Life. Back late tomorrow evening.