Pádraig went to the CRC swimming pool today. We and the other swimmers and the lifeguard have to get used to each other. But everybody is really helpful and understanding and I’d say that after a couple of weeks we’ll feel at home in the ‘new pool’. The lifeguard/pool manager remembered Pádraig and, this was a big surprise, one of his former coaches, a National Champion and Ireland representative, was there telling Pádraig how happy she was to see him back in the water! Her really genuine kindness nearly, nearly made me sad. Funny how kindness can do that.

We had a big family meal in the evening, with everybody around the table, all eating the same roasted leg of lamb, roast potatoes and vegetables, with home-made apple tart and ice cream for desert. There were close to ten of us. Enjoying the company, the conversation, the food. Feeling alive, being really happy to be together.

While we had some good news about a family member, we also had some sad news about Pádraig’s friend in the hospice whose health has deteriorated dramatically over the past day. We are all thinking of and praying for him.

For the first time in a long time I went out and met an old colleague of mine who I hadn’t met for many years. It’s amazing how we connected after such a long time, not talking so much about the past, but about what we were doing. It was a great night!

It was a great day, with some sad news – a day full of deep emotions.