Pádraig is getting back into his routine here. Not everything is back to the point where it was before the summer but we’re getting there. His physio is back in action and tried out some exercises on the floor today, to find out that Pádraig’s responsiveness and strength had improved quite a bit over the summer. He is really fit!

What those videos show is just a few seconds of exercises that went on for about an hour. To be honest, I’m not so sure how I would have done there myself. This is no joke. And the way he was lying on his stomach, which his feet straight, toes pointing to the floor, lifting up his knees from the floor, or moving his lower legs against resistance up in the air about 50 times – not bad.

I had 10 minutes this morning and checked out wheelchair accessible camper vans and boats (all in German, unfortunately – but with great pictures). Just looking at this made me want to head off. Immediately. Didn’t share it with Pádraig but will. One day!?