The man basically wanted to have seen my face so that when I’ll get up that day he’ll know it’s me he will hand over that award. That meeting was short and sweet.

But then I had another meeting which went on for much longer than anticipated. Time just flew by. A former PdD student, now colleague in UL, is really interested in capturing, in a book, what we had achieved with the Translation Commons (“Trombones”) and, as we were talking, I felt how much I would like this to happen, and how much I would like to support them writing this book. Fingers crossed that this will work out.

The An Saol Foundation Pilot Project is also getting into shape. We now have Board approval to go ahead and negotiate a lease with the owners of the alternative premises we found. Almost in parallel, we will start looking for staff and equipment, and we will design a training programme. We will begin to put together a note that will let people know what it is that we will offer and ask for individuals and families to consider whether their injured family member might be interested in availing of our services.

It will still take a few month to get planning permission, fire and access certification in place – but there is no doubt now, that it will definitely happen. The An Saol Project is beginning to take shape.