It’s an electric wheelchair. But it doesn’t just drive you wherever you want to go.

It also puts you into a standing position.

And then it drives you around standing up.

Wherever you want.

Check it out.


It was one of these moments when I felt a knot in my stomach thinking what a difference it would make to Pádraig not just in very basic physical terms but mentally. Meeting people on his feet. It was truly unbelievable seeing him moving up and down the corridor on his feet. If there was one piece of equipment that would really change his life right now. This would be it.

We’ll have to figure out how to get one of these wheels for him…

In other news today: it started off with a second session with the eye therapist. Then there was a session with someone trying out a specially designed cup for drinking (really simple but ingenious), and there was another session with a neuropsychologist.

My head is still spinning.

What do we need to do to make these kind of services available to those who need them and who are prepared to take maximum advantage of them?

What do we need to do to convince people and society that someone who suffered a catastrophic accident deserves all the support they can get?