It looked like one of those big three-wheeled motorbikes at first.

When I got closer, it was indeed one of those big three-wheeled motorbikes. But – it was  carrying a wheel chair. You might have to zoom in to the pictures to see the wheelchair, its, so neat. You might remember that cool, snazzy black merc one of the young spinal injury clients in Pforzheim had (which automatically collected her wheelchair from beside the drivers seat and stored it safely in the boot). But this bike, and more than the bike, the two people on it, impressed me even more. Wow.

I left Burgau on Saturday late afternoon to get to Stuttgart airport, flew back to Dublin, grabbed a few backs we hadn’t been able to take with us on the plane, put them into the car and got the ferry in Dublin Port at 2am. Drove to Folkestone to get onto the train to ‘cross’ the Channel, drove through France, and arrived safely an hour or two after midnight. – And the only real traffic jam happened about 100 km before my destination at midnight. 12km of stop and go. What do all them Germans do on a Sunday night on the motorway?

Anyhow, I made it. We now have Pádraig’s car here, so we’ll be able to move around easier.