There are times when I have to look up an Englsih word. Even after decades of living in Ireland.

“Abominable” is one of these words I had to look up when, today, I heard someone saying they could not think of another word when describing a certain person’s behaviour.

Loathsome, detestable, hateful, odious, obnoxious, despicable, contemptible, damnable, cursed, accursed, diabolical, more…” were the synonyms Google came up with. Pretty strong language.

I spent a little bit of time thinking about the person using this word and about the person being described by it. I don’t think either of them are happy in themselves. Otherwise they wouldn’t provoke or have such a strong reaction to what the other person did.

Nobody (I know of) can be happy all the time. But I don’t think anybody should ever be or being perceived to be abominable. I promised myself today that if I felt somebody was (or that I was about to:), that I would stop, that I would rewind, and that I would try to be kind. Because when it gets to that point, kindness is what both need.

Pádraig had a good day today with a catch up session of speech and language therapy, the first one back home after Pforzheim, and an hour-long massage by one of our incredibly generous and friendly neighbours. It was such a pity that after this relaxing and soothing hour he had to get up for his lunch. Later on in the afternoon he had his first music therapy session after a month-long break.

Listening to the music and interaction going on in our living room from the outside as I walked by, I could only capture a tiny part of the kindness and magic that was shared inside, I am sure.