A call from the HSE, a brilliant swimming session, and yet another birthday party (this time not for Pádraig but for his aunt:) made today a good day. I am so exhausted from all the action that I am lying down already, struggling to keep my eyes open.

Although nothing has changed materially (yet), I now have been told that the first tranche of money is definitely on the way and should be transferred to An Saol this week, the service agreement will also be signed and a copy returned to us. It almost sounds too good to be true.

What was really good today and is certainly true is Pádraig’s incredible progress in the pool. Movements have become much faster, Pádraig is really moving himself across the pool, walking. And today he stood by himself except for me holding his head.

Are things lining up. Is there, almost, real change in the air?