There was Pádraig today with his two eyes wide open smiling at his SLT today who had used ice-sticks to stimulate his nerves and muscles around his eyes and mouth. Ice sticks. When googles this I found out that there are many celebrities who are using ice therapy for beauty treatment as well – not that Pádraig needed it:)

I talked to a few people about shifting emphasis from care (the very early days) to therapy (2nd phase focus) to living a life (3rd and ongoing). Incredibly, all agreed that there is a point when living a life has to become the central focus of all efforts. It doesn’t mean that care and therapy become obsolete. What it means is that they should not become, or stay, at the centre of it all.

If there hadn’t been a strike on the French railways, we would have been sleeping on the train to Lourdes tonight. Instead, our thoughts are with our friends who are making their way to Lourdes this year, by other means.