Life is too short to be small. Meaning that if we want to make a difference or even if we want to enjoy life – we have to do it big. That’s the message. Not to “Just do it!”, but to really pull out all the stops. To invest all your creativity, all of your passion, all your conviction into that one thing.

A few days ago someone told me about their life as a manager with McDonald’s. About the excitement of planning and executing the opening of new ‘restaurants’. About planning staff and supplies with such details that they could cover peaks and troughs in less than hourly intervals. About being involved in this work so much that they worked day and night. That they didn’t even sleep for days on end if something had to be finished. Such was the dedication. To McDonalds.

If someone does this for Mc Donalds, I mean, seriously, how is it that it’s taking us years to get our Day Centre off the ground? That is just beyond believe! Maybe we should just pretend to develop a new Mc Donalds and then, at the last minute, swap the red and yellow sign for the An Saol logo? Maybe we are looking and waiting for certainty when there isn’t and will never be? Maybe we just have to take a risk and do what needs to be done because it needs to be done? Would doing it that way be reckless? Or just determined?

Pádraig changed therapists today. He is now again with the physio he had in previous years and with an SLT standing in for their colleague who will be away on leave for a bit more than a week. It’s great to see the different approaches they are taking. To learn from what they are doing. To reflect on what is achievable during the time we’ll be here and beyond.

With all the enthusiasm we have for making this place a better place to live in. For all of us.