It’s not all about the food. But there is one thing about German food that is different compared to anywhere else in the world – ignoring for a moment their love of wurst and beer.

They are absolutely mad about Spargel, asparagus. They bore you to death with details about asparagus, the different types, the way to grow it, the way to cook it and its availability between strictly defined dates of the year. Well, it’s asparagus time in Germany now and today, we had it for dinner – at lunch time. If you ever had asparagus, you’ll most likely remember its slightly stringy textures. So we were a little bit hesitant to give it to Pádraig to eat. It turned out not to be a problem at all. It seemed like as if he even liked and enjoyed it!

One of the best things that happened today, in addition to an excellent physio session, a great speech and language therapy session, and a walk in the Lokomat, was meeting up with people we have been meeting before, and meeting new people. People who said they really noticed a much more present Pádraig – and they had all the details (they know inside out from their own experience) to give substance to their observations.

It’s good to be away and to get a bit of distance. It makes me think. And tonight I thought: Pádraig and others in his situation have a right to be supported. Not to support them is, in my mind, a violation of their personal, civil and human rights. This is not something abstract. It real. Every day. I will wait after the summer for the HSE to sign the service agreement they’ve had now for almost four month to get going on a project they agreed to almost a years and a half ago.

If they don’t sign that agreement and don’t transfer the funding, I will find the money somewhere else. Even if it has to be a loan. I will move heaven and earth to make this disgrace and scandal known: this is not a lack of resources, this is lack of proper management. It really is beyond believe.

And then I will show them how things can be done if you put your mind to it. Even (or especially:) by an amateur.

Which makes me thing of one of my favourite quotes:

“Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built he Titanic.” ― Elizabeth May