Everything worked out today.

From the time we got up at 4am to just after 2pm when we arrived at the Zentrum der Therapie in Pforzheim. Getting Pádraig up in the middle of the night. Driving him, ourselves and a dozen bags up to the airport. Driving back to park the car at home. Getting a lift back up to the airport. Checking in. Boarding the plane. Sharing a coffee at 39,000 feet. Landing. Getting off the plane. Being driven by a courtesy ‘car’ to collect our bags. Pádraig being escorted the whole way from the arrivals gate to the train station by an assistant who could not have been nicer and more caring. Being escorted to and helped onto the train in Frankfurt. Having another coffee, one each this time, on the train. Changing platform and trains in Karlsruhe. Getting the train to Pforzheim just in time. De-boarding the train  (Deutsche Bahn speak) in Pforzheim and being escorted to the taxi stand to ship the bags to the centre. Walking with Pádraig across the North Town Bridge through glorious sunshine up the hill to the centre and arriving just in time to get the last remaining lunch that they had kept for us. Chicken legs and potatoes. Washed down with a glass of slightly sparkling water. Remembering last year when all food here was pureed for Pádraig and he still had considerable problems drinking water. Having a nap. Going for Abendbrot (literally: evening bread). Going for a walk around the block. Back up to the apartment. A glimpse at Germany’s most loved and longest running TV series, Tatort (from Cologne tonight); no ads on TV license financed channels in the evening. To bed. Until tomorrow. 6am early rise.