Rehabilitation is not just about clinical stuff, therapies on this and therapies on that. At its heart its not about ‘therapies’ at all. What it is all about is finding a way back into life, participating, being integrated, taking part.

That’s what Pádraig did tonight in a hotel just across the street where a really interesting, lively and at times really witty debate chaired by Vincent Browne took place, involving, amongst others, one of our local TDs, Mary Lou McDonald. She remembered Pádraig and came over to say hello in such a friendly way that both herself and Pádraig didn’t stop smiling and laughing.

There were some historical figures present, like Nicki Kelly, who had been sentenced in 1978 for his (alleged) participation in the Sallins Train Robbery and about whom I first heard when I saw one of the famous “Free Nicky Kelly” graffitis in Cork where I visited the love of my life at the time. Someone had let his sense of humour loose and had added, under one of those graffiti: “…with every box of cornflakes!” Unbeatable.