Remember that elderly lady in the street the other night when we were waiting for the procession commenting on Pádraig’s “big feet” — and his big feet only? Did I mention she told us about this fabulous shoe shop in the Carrer L’Hospital in Barcelona, selling comfortable shoes in all sizes?

Guess what! Today we went to Barcelona on a day trip and, by accident, found ourselves in the Carrer de l’Hospital. We asked in another shop for a shoe shop. And just a few metres down the road there it was: Calzados Gueisal.

We weren’t disappointed. Although the shop was really small, it had the most amazing selection of shoes – in all sizes. It didn’t take Pádraig very long to make up his mind about his favourites. Blue suede.

Isn’t it funny how, at times, things you never expected at all at all, all of a sudden start to happen?