This was the day of full scale disaster. The man who was to save the world died on the cross following a day of the most vicious torture. He had questioned the existing power structures and values. Those benefiting from these structure, those whose power was threatened, did the thing they do in those situations. No surprises here. Problem solved.

I am sure that none of them had ever envisaged that more than 2,000 years later, a “Holy Father”, head of a 1.2 billion people church, would preside over a solemn commemoration of this day of the passion that would be televised around the world. And that ‘cofradías’ in Spain would carry ‘pasos’ through the streets depicting the events of this day. (I took the pictures from the telly that was broadcasting the procession from Malaga.)

It was the man on the cross who changed the world. It is his words that survived the centuries. – I’ve been thinking today what his response would be to those pressing questions we are dealing with today and how he would see the catholic church itself.

So what have we been up to on this day of high drama?

Following a glorious breakfast, more like a lunch, we went out to meet these roman soldiers again. Turned out they have kids that do the daytime job. Some even have nose rings, studs and long hair under those fancy helmets. Though still no sign of the man they’ve been looking for yet…

At lunch time we had a visit from two very good friends who had moved to Barcelona some years ago and who came over to Blanes for the afternoon for a chat. We had brilliant afternoon in great company.

We’ll be off to Barcelona for the day tomorrow morning, just for a walk down the Ramblas and memory lane…