Two months ago, I signed a service agreement with the HSE, following more than a year of negotiation and work, having received the official go-ahead from both the Minister of Health, Simon Harris, and the HSE. I have been trying to find out when the HSE will sign it or whether there is anything that is delaying the start. The answer to my enquiries was that it hadn’t been signed yet. – With the best will in the world, I fail to understand this. Do you?

I have decided to work on a monthly programme with Pádraig, with monthly goals. And focus on particular aspects of his rehabilitation and recovery, like developing particular motor skills or muscle groups.

And, I will try to stand Pádraig up every day not in his bed but in the standing frame. A bit more challenging. But challenges are there to be overcome. And they will be. And so will he and ourselves.

We shall overcome. One day:)