You know this game where two players throw a ball at each other with a third player between them trying to catch it? It’s called ‘piggy in the middle’ and that’s what we played this morning in München’s Central Station with the lift. We were between to floors and each time the lift stopped at our level it was either bringing some stuff up or bringing some stuff down. It was never empty. So I run up the stairs and brought the lift down where Pádraig was waiting for an empty lift to arrive. It would all have been fun, if there hadn’t been a snowstorm in -4oC and if we hadn’t just got up at what felt like the middle of the night to catch a train to the airport.

Once we had literally highjacked that lift from the various shopkeepers and cleaners transporting their ‘stuff’ up and down, we made it to the platform where we discovered that this line was not just going to the airport but also to Unterföhrung where thousands of employees work for Deutsche Bahn. Meaning: it was packed. Really packed.

In the end we made it, tired but happy to be back after this long weekend adventure.

There is stuff you’d never think of that becomes routine travelling with Pádraig, like beds that are way too short, beds that are so low that transfer from bed to chair becomes very tricky (there are, of course, no lifters), doors are too narrow, lifts to small, some people are extremely helpful, some are utterly obnoxious.

Does that sound like life to you?