There should be a job coming up at Ireland’s Herald newspaper any day now. I mean, do they check the layout before they send it to press? Here is page 9 of today’s edition. You couldn’t make it up.

I spent the morning with a 5-person film crew, two cameras and a drone in Creation House / FABrík for the first day of filming the An Saol documentary. What an exciting morning! It was brilliant to see the enthusiasm of the crew about the project and the premises. It really re-enforced, if that was necessary, the decision to go with what is a magnificent building – even if it requires some refurbishment…

Unfortunately, the lift did not work this morning (but the owners will get that fixed) which meant that on this occasion Pádraig could not come along. I’ve told him so often about the place and, to date, he hasn’t seen it. Although, with a bit of luck, the lift will be fixed this week and we’ll be able to have a ‘walk-around’.

Pádraig did come with us to our friend’s Louise one month’s mind. The DCU inter-face centre, where the mass was held, was too small to hold the hundreds of people attending celebrating Louise’s life and giving thanks for the gift of her friendship. It’s hard to believe that it is already a month since her death.

With a bit of luck we will be getting a cut of today’s filming at the FABrík very soon. Can’t wait to see it, can’t wait to share it.

Finally, have a look at this.

Seventy-one dead.” “And still no arrests?” “How come?”

Three billboards outside Grenfell Towers in London — where a massive fire ripped through a 24-story block of public housing flats on June 14, killing 71 people — demand justice. It this the start of a movement? Three billboards…?